Breast Reconstruction Associates’ commitment to excellence and patient care extends from its expert doctors to its knowledgeable and experienced office staff.


Breast Reconstruction in Austin

Doctor John Eggleston specialize in state of the art options for breast reconstruction. They combine compassionate care, reconstructive excellence and cosmetic surgery expertise to provide the most natural possible results.

Breast Reconstruction Associates offers unmatched patient care…

“The day of the surgery I was so nervous and anxious, Dr. Habash was taking measurements and notes and his nurses told me that I was in great hands! It made me feel at ease knowing that he was going to make sure that I was okay with the results. The care after the surgery was excellent, he would come see me everyday, and I feel blessed that I had Dr. Habash in my life during this time…”

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Breast Reconstruction in Texas

About the Practice

Drs. Habash, BoehmlerNagel and Eggleston have one goal: to offer a woman with breast cancer state of the art breast reconstruction through a team…

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About the Doctors

Dr. Boehmler earned his Bachelor Degree in Chemistry at the University of Chicago and his Medical Degree at the University of Rochester.

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About Our Team

Breast Reconstruction Associates’ commitment to patient care and comfort extends from its doctors to its experienced office staff.

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