Advantages and Disadvantages of DIEP Flap

There are a lot of options to choose for breast reconstruction but how would you know that it would be the best option? There are a lot of ways to know and one of them is to consult your doctors.

If some women are having a difficult time looking for the right doctor, they may inquire at Breast Reconstruction Associates.

One option for the breast reconstruction that is available at Breast Reconstruction Associates is the Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap, also known as DIEP Flap. It is a complicated process which involves removing blood vessels, together with its fat and skin attached to them, from the abdominal area. To know more about it, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of DIEP Flag:


–          Its natural source is from your own body; no implants provided

–          Gets the same result of having a “Tummy-Tuck”

–          The abdominal scar can be hidden because of the design marked by the surgeons

–          A new and better breast shape can be attained

–          There is less risk for a development of having incisional hernia


–          It takes a longer time to recover

–          Not all patients are candidates for breast reconstruction

–          Scars and possible complications

–          Possible implants will be provided if limited of skin and tissue in the breast area

There will always be advantages and disadvantages in every choice we make, but here at Breast Reconstruction Associates, patients obtained more on its advantages rather than its disadvantages wherein experienced doctors and staffs provide the most natural possible result.