What to Do: Breast Lump with Pain and Redness


Breast pain for women is a relatively common phenomenon. From the moment a person experiences her menstrual period to the moment that she experiences menopause, instances of breast pain can be considered normal. However, when breast pain is accompanied by redness or a lump, this may need medical attention.

Symptoms of Breast Infection

One of the common causes of breast pain that is accompanied by redness and lumps is mastitis, also known as breast infection. Typically, this occurs among women who are breastfeeding. When the baby feeds, the nipple can become cracked, which serves as an entry point for bacteria coming from the baby’s mouth. When bacteria enters through the nipple, the tissue within the breast may become infected.

For women who are not lactating, breast infection may still occur especially when one has a weak immune system brought about by radiation therapy or diabetes.

When mastitis occurs, the breast becomes swollen, painful, and lumpy. Other symptoms include itching, nipple discharge, and fever.

In such a case, it is important for you to visit your doctor so that you may be given appropriate medical intervention. For not so severe cases, you may be prescribed with some self-care tips and home remedies, which may include applying warm compress on the breast and taking antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications, both to help with the pain. For more severe cases, you may need to undergo an incision if there is abscess formation due to severe infection.

Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

According to the National Breast Cancer Organization, every person should know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. This way one can immediately consult with a healthcare professional should an abnormality be noted.

During self-assessment, one should take note of the following:

• Unexplained unilateral (one-sided) swelling of the breast
• Nipple discharge
• Skin thickening
• Persistent redness
• Dimpling in the breast
• Sudden asymmetry

The presence of these symptoms should not be a source of anxiety. Many people delay their doctor visits because they are afraid of what the cause of their symptoms may be. However, regardless of the cause, early intervention is always key for any condition.

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