Diep Flap Surgeons in Austin Texas

DIEP flap surgery is an extremely complicated process. It involves removing blood vessels called epigastric perforators, as well as the fat and skin attached to them, from the abdominal area to be used in the reconstruction of the breast area after a mastectomy without cutting into and sacrificing any of the abdominal muscles. This is an important distinction especially when compared to the TRAM procedure, where a big part of the abdominal muscle is sacrificed in the process. DIEP flap surgery allows post mastectomy patients the benefit of looking normal without sacrificing the quality of life due to the difficulty of living with a weakened abdomen. It is the most preferred surgery for breast cancer survivors by far.

The state of Texas is no less affected by the threat of breast cancer: roughly 400 women are diagnosed and 160 die per 100,000 as a result of the disease. Looking at a statistical snapshot of 2009, an estimated 15,000 women have been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, and about 2,700 have died from it.

Fortunately, the state of Texas has a thriving healthcare industry. Both state-sponsored and private emergency facilities have popped up in recent years to meet the demands of a growing population under threat of serious diseases like breast cancer. But sometimes it is difficult to find a highly capable DIEP flap surgeon with years of experience in the field.

Enter the statewide partnership, Breast Reconstruction Associates, where only the best and most dedicated surgeons specializing in post-mastectomy breast reconstruction are conveniently gathered under one institution to further their collective goals of helping breast cancer survivors live a healthy and normal life. Veteran doctors like Dr. John M. Eggleston III, MD, a board-certified, reconstructive, plastic, and cosmetic surgeon with years of experience helps patients by providing patient education as well as high quality surgical care.

It’s the doctors like Dr. Eggleston that are the premier choice to perform DIEP flap surgeries and other post mastectomy procedures. He and his colleagues can be reached easily enough for consultation through Breast Reconstruction Associates.

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