Options on Breast Reconstruction

Mastectomy, or the removal of the breast, is usually done on women who have either been diagnosed with breast cancer, or are noted to have high risk of developing it in the future.

According a recent study that looked into the psychological problems that ensue following a mastectomy secondary to breast cancer, the breast is part of what determines the “body image” of a female. The removal of the breast therefore, leads to lower confidence and self-worth, and a poorer self-esteem among women.

This means that as much as a mastectomy affects a woman physically, it also affects her emotionally and psychologically.

One of the ways to address this emotional and psychological affectation is by making use of a breast prosthesis, or by undergoing breast reconstruction.

As the name implies, a breast prosthesis is an artificial body part that is put on and taken off to replace the breast that has been removed. Breast reconstruction on the other hand, is a surgery, performed by a plastic surgeon, that rebuilds the breast that has been removed in order to match the shape, size and look of the remaining breast.

More and more women are preferring breast reconstruction after mastectomy over the use of breast prostheses due to convenience and aesthetic purposes.

With breast reconstruction, you don’t have to put on and off an artificial body part. Plus, with breast reconstruction, the breast shape is regained permanently, and the chest is made to look balanced, especially when wearing a bra or a swimsuit.

Breast reconstruction also offers several options in terms of reconstruction techniques. Mainly, there are two techniques. The first one is implant reconstruction, wherein an implant filled with saline, silicone gel, or a combination of both, is inserted in your chest.

Breast implants are simple, and give the assurance of very little scarring. However, the implants tend to rise and get tighter after some time, thus causing the breasts to come out of alignment. The second technique used for breast reconstruction is a flap reconstruction.

In this type of reconstruction, a tissue that is taken from another part of your body, which may be your belly, thigh, or back, and transferred to your chest to then be breast tissue. With this type of breast reconstruction, you will be able to have a breast that feels most natural. Reconstruction of the breast may also be simultaneous, staged, or delayed. A simultaneous breast reconstruction means that the breast is reconstructed at the same time as the breast cancer is removed.

Staged reconstruction is the use of a temporary tissue expander during the removal of the breast. The expander then stretches the muscle and skin, in order to prepare the chest for either an implant or flap reconstruction.
And lastly, delayed reconstruction is performed when the reconstruction takes place after all the necessary treatment has first been carried out to eradicate the cancer cells in the breast.

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