What Is Diep Flap?

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Diep flap is a type of breast reconstruction that is offered to breast cancer survivors and breast cancer patients who have had to undergo a mastectomy or a double mastectomy.  The process is relatively new and has replaced a procedure called TRAM flapDiep Flap stands for Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforator.  Here are the details about Diep flap in Austin and around the world.

Diep flap is a process during which, skin is taken from the abdomen area and attached to the breast area where a mastectomy has been performed.  The lower abdomen is chosen because there is often excess skin in that area that is easy for surgeons to use without posing any great harm to the patient.  For double mastectomy patients, the surgeons must have enough skin to work with in order to use Diep flap to reconstruct both breasts.

The process of Diep flap is quite realistic.  Women who undergo this procedure often end up with a very realistic breast reconstruction.  Some women may require a second procedure after the Diep flap is complete to help shape the reconstructed breast and to give it a touch up on the sizing.  This is because surgery can often time cause swelling and other issues that will make the initial process slightly off.

Diep flap in Dallas and the rest of the world is very important because it helps women gain back something that they lost during the battle for cancer.  This small gain can help give them the spirit to continue the fight and become one of the growing number of cancer survivors.  It can also help women gain a new sense of self-confidence.

Besides the confidence boost Diep flap reconstruction does have a few other benefits.  One of the benefits that a lot of women like is that at the same time as they are regaining their chest shape, they are losing some of their tummy shape.  This is because the process used to remove the skin from the lower abdomen is extremely similar to that of a tummy tuck.

Another benefit is that the Diep flap process is a lot safer post-surgery than the TRAM flap procedure.  Due to the process used for the TRAM flap procedure, patients can only lift about 25 pounds after the surgery.  Many women find that limiting and you never know when you might be put in a position where you need to lift that weight.  Lifting more than 25 lbs after a TRAM procedure can cause a hernia.

Diep flap surgery is an inpatient surgery.  You will have to go to a hospital or medical center in order to have it performed.  After the surgery is complete you will be in the hospital for three to four days as long as no follow-up procedures are needed.  Considering past reconstruction methods, this is a relatively short amount of time to be required to stay in the hospital.

On the day after your surgery, you will be able to eat normally but you won’t be able to leave your bed.  The second day you can leave your bed with the assistance of nursing staff and walk short distances.  After the second day, you should be able to start walking on your own.  After four to six weeks you will be able to continue all of your normal activities.

During the surgery there will be several surgical drains placed on your breasts, the exact number depends on the size of the breasts and whether or not both breasts are being reconstructed.  These are to help the recovery process and keep your breasts healthy.  They will be removed after one to two weeks depending on how active they are.

If you have had cancer and had to have a mastectomy or a double mastectomy, it isn’t the end of the world or the end of your breasts.  The Diep flap procedure helps you to regain your breasts in a relatively safe surgery and a quick recovery time.  After the procedure, you can one again feel as if you have two natural breasts.  The procedure is conducted more and more often as people learn about it and want to regain their original body.

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