Best Resolutions for a Healthier Year

The new year is a perfect time to turn a new page and envision the “new you,” which is why there are a lot of people who list their resolutions. You are so ready for a fresh start! However, by the time February rolls around, the “old you” has made her way back into the couch, bingeing on her favorite show.

Do you feel that year after year, your new year’s resolutions goes bust? You are not alone. However, a study from the American Psychological Association states that those who set goals are ten times more likely to modify habits than people who don’t set one.

The trick here is to shift your focus on doing more of the things that make you feel good. Goals that come from a place of joy, enthusiasm, and desire have a much bigger chance of sticking.

Live your best life this 2020 with these healthy resolution suggestions from Breast Reconstruction Associates, your breast surgeons in Fort Worth, TX.

1. Intuitive eating

Forget about dieting fads and counting calories. This year, make a resolve to get more in touch with what your body feels in the moment, and what it actually wants. Intuitive eating is the antidote to diet trauma, and it is all about listening closely to what your body is telling you. As simple as that!

2. Get more in touch with nature

Lie on your back and give the clouds a name. Walk barefoot on the grass. Find solace in a quiet place. Plant vegetables or flowers. Regardless of how you would like to spend your time outdoors, there is so much value into setting a few hours of your time each day and devoting it to nature. Nature is a welcoming space that will encourage you to be in the moment. It’s a wonderful, healthy way of reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

3. Live today

Do not worry about a future over which you have no control. Living today means adopting an attitude of gratefulness – and this entails counting your blessings. Remember that perception is everything, and it’s high time to change it for the better.

Some of our patients found that keeping a treatment journal is highly therapeutic. Whether you want to express your feelings in writing or just blow off some steam, journaling is a great outlet for staying in tune with your health. If you are facing cancer or have survived it, a journal can be a great companion through your journey of cancer diagnosis and beyond.

Your breast surgeons in Fort Worth are here for you. The most important thing is to start somewhere. Set resolutions that are both meaningful and attainable to you. Yes, it is possible to sustain a healthy lifestyle this year, as long as you set realistic resolutions.