Breast Surgery for Older Women

Getting a breast cancer diagnosis is traumatic, devastating news for women. The subsequent treatment and mastectomy can leave women feeling exhausted, insecure, and unlike themselves at the experience of losing one or both breasts to cancer. The doctors at Breast Reconstruction Associates have made it their mission to help women achieve a new sense of well being after the rigors of cancer treatment and mastectomy. Undergoing breast and plastic surgery in Fort Worth, Texas can help older women emotionally heal from breast cancer treatment.

There are two kinds of breast reconstruction and plastic surgery in Fort Worth, Texas. Implant reconstruction surgery is usually recommended for small to medium framed older women who have had both breasts removed and did not undergo radiation treatment. Implants for both breasts help to achieve a balanced and even look.

DIEP flap reconstruction is the second type of breast plastic surgery in Fort Worth, Texas. Here, healthy tissue is taken from the back, buttocks, or thigh to reconstruct a missing breast. DIEP flap reconstruction helps patients heal quicker than the older TRAM reconstruction method, where healthy tissue is taken from the abdominal wall.

There are several things older women about to under breast reconstruction surgery and plastic surgery in Fort Worth, Texas, need to be aware of. First, smoking will hamper the body’s ability to fight infection or create new and healthy cells. If you are a smoker, quit before surgery.

Older patients are also likely to experience slower healing times than younger patients. Make sure to keep the surgical site and incisions clean, warm, and covered with the proper sterile materials. If you experience any signs of infection, such as pus or drainage and swelling and redness at the incision site, contact your primary care physician and visit the emergency room immediately.

The chances of complication are minimal in breast reconstruction surgery, but older women and patients are at a slightly higher risk than younger cohorts. If you’re considering breast surgery or plastic surgery in Fort Worth, Texas, contact the Breast Reconstruction Associates and see if you’re a candidate for DIEP flap or implants.