Busting Some Cancer Myths

Search for the term “cancer” online, and you will discover millions of web pages discussing the topic. Sadly, many of the information about cancer is dangerously inaccurate and misleading.

Cancer is a topic that has a lot of myths surrounding it. Many are passed around by well-meaning family members and friends. Hearing about cancer myths causes more stress for patients.

Because understanding your cancer diagnosis is an essential part of your treatment plan, today, your breast reconstruction experts in Austin are going to debunk some cancer myths.

1. Sugar consumption causes cancer to grow

Eating a piece of cake or a cookie will not exacerbate your condition. The National Cancer Institute states that although research has shown that cancer cells eat more glucose than normal, healthy cells, no study has proven that sugar consumption can make your cancer worse. In addition, your cancer will not disappear or shrink if you stop eating sugar.

Having a cancer diagnosis shouldn’t mean that you will miss eating the small treats that you enjoy.

2. Getting a biopsy will make cancer spread

Eating a cookie or a piece of cake will not exacerbate your cancer.

There is no single research or evidence that will back up this myth. The process of removing or testing a tumor will not cause the cancer to grow. Keep in mind that getting a biopsy is an essential part of the treatment process.

3. Chemotherapy always has nasty side effects

While it’s true that nasty side effects are experienced by those who underwent chemotherapy in the past, the recent decades of medical advancement has helped lower the risk of harmful effects.

4. If the tumor is solid, there is no need for surgery

With solid tumors, surgery is always needed. There are kinds of treatments that aim to shrink tumors so that the chances of cancer returning are lower, but surgery is used to remove them.

5. A lump in your breast is always breast cancer

A lump in your breast doesn’t always mean that you have cancer, but it’s always best to get yourself checked.

In fact, only a small percentage of lumps are breast cancer. However, if you notice any changes in your breast, or if there’s a persistent lump, it should never be ignored.

Cancer myths can hinder good treatment and prevention decisions. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with us at Breast Reconstruction Associates, your breast reconstruction experts in Austin.