Debunking Breast Reconstruction Myths

Most women who are about to undergo breast cancer surgery typically face a tough decision: should she undergo breast reconstruction to restore the appearance and shape of her breasts? Today’s technology allows for many options with regard to the type and extent of the reconstruction. For instance, some women go with implants while others choose a procedure which uses her own tissue and muscles, called the DIEP flap reconstruction surgery.

A recent study found that almost 50 percent of women in the United States who underwent mastectomy chose to have a reconstruction procedure done. Some forgo reconstructive surgery due to some misconceptions. Let us at Breast Reconstruction Associates, your breast reconstruction experts in Dallas, debunk some common myths.

1. You should wait after the mastectomy before you can undergo breast reconstruction.

No. You can have a breast reconstruction surgery performed during the mastectomy. In fact, this normally yields the best cosmetic results. The most likely candidates are women in the early stages of breast cancer. Immediate reconstruction lessens the degree of scarring and saves the natural breast skin at the same time.

2. Women who are undergoing radiation therapy are not good candidates for breast reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction surgery is always a good option, whether you are undergoing radiation therapy or not. For those who are undergoing or have undergone radiation therapy, we recommend DIEP flap reconstruction because of the rising complication rates associated with patients who opt for implants with radiation. In this case, it is normally advised that the patient waits until the radiation and mastectomy have been completed.

3. The only option for breast reconstruction are implants.

Wrong. Patients typically think about breast implants when they think about reconstruction. Today, there are various reconstruction options for women. There are state-of-the-art options for reconstructive surgery that make use of perforator flaps, such as the DIEP flap breast reconstruction. This type of procedure makes use of the woman’s own tissue from other areas of her body like the buttock, abdomen, or thigh, to recreate a natural-looking (and feeling) breast. The DIEP flap procedure also eliminates some long-term concerns associated with breast implants. Those who go for implants normally require further surgery due to issues like breast hardening, also known as capsular contracture.

Breast reconstruction improves quality of life. If you are thinking about breast reconstruction, talk to your breast reconstruction specialists in Dallas at Breast Reconstruction Associates.