Oncoplastics Breast Surgery, What Is It?…Am I a Candidate?

Breast conservation therapy (lumpectomy + radiation) has demonstrated equivalent overall survival to mastectomy. The early experience with breast conservation was focused on treating the cancer far more than consideration of the aesthetic outcome of the breast. The field of Oncoplastics breast surgery integrates plastic surgery principles and techniques with breast cancer surgery. The goal is to preserve aesthetic outcomes without compromising principles of resecting the cancer. In fact, recent studies have shown that surgical margins (how much ‘normal’ tissue is taken around the tumor) are better with Oncoplastics procedures.

In general, ideal candidates for breast conservation are those who have a small tumor relative to total breast size. Location of the tumor matters, and patients with medial tumors (inner part of the breast) or those with tumors immediately below the nipple should be considered for mastectomy. a href=”https://txdiepflap.com/oncoplastics-breast-surgery-what-is-itam-i-a-candidate/”>Oncoplastics surgery can be integrated with any lumpectomy procedure, but patients with very large breasts or breasts with a lot of sag are the ideal candidates. In these cases the tumor can be removed with standard breast reduction or breast lift techniques and improve the appearance of the breast.