Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk Through Physical Activity

Breast cancer – nearly everyone knows someone who is afflicted by the disease. In fact, your Dallas breast reconstruction experts estimate that a lot of women who get breast cancer (approximately 8 out of 10) do not have it in the family.

You cannot alter some risk factors of breast cancer, such as aging or family history, but there are factors that you can control. You can reduce your breast cancer risk and live a healthier life by making simple lifestyle changes – whether you have a family history or not.

Protect your breast health by taking that first step… with exercise!

Love it or hate it, exercise helps keep the body healthy. When it comes to preventing breast cancer, the potential benefits of exercise are really worth noting. The American Cancer Society (ACS) has an updated guideline which strongly recommends exercise (alongside eating a balanced diet and maintaining your optimum body weight) as a breast cancer preventative.


How can exercise reduce your breast cancer risk?

It helps maintain a healthy weight by decreasing your body fat percentage – This is essential because fat cells store high levels of estrogen, a hormone which is one of the strongest breast cancer risk factors.

It helps decrease estrogen levels in the body – Regular exercise can help change the pattern of a woman’s menstrual cycle, making the body produce less estrogen, hence lowering the breast cancer risk.

It fortifies your immune system – Free radicals are pesky, unstable, and highly reactive. These molecules mutate and lead to cancer. The damage it causes can be repaired by the body’s production of antioxidants.

It provides stress relief – Exercise has a direct impact on a person’s emotions and moods. Although it is often suggested, a direct relationship between psychological stress and breast cancer has not been proven. However, researchers do believe stress can speed up cancer progression. Certainly, for those undergoing treatment or in the recovery phase, exercise is a fantastic stress-relief to help speed recovery and support treatment.

Undeniably, exercise is a breast-healthy habit. Do you have questions, or do you need further advice on how to reduce your breast cancer risk without dramatically changing your lifestyle? Talk to us at Breast Reconstruction Associates, your Dallas breast reconstruction experts.