The Advantages of Breast Reconstruction

Those who have had breast cancer surgery might opt to have breast reconstruction to rebuild the look and shape of her breast. Breast Reconstruction Associates, your breast surgeons in Austin, offers the best surgical techniques. Their experienced surgeons are also able to guide you throughout your breast reconstruction journey.

Benefits of breast reconstruction

A woman might opt to have reconstructive surgery due to the following:

  • To regain her breast shape permanently
  • To make her chest area appear more balanced
  • To be more confident about her body

The breast reconstruction procedure typically leaves scars, but these will fade in time. More advanced techniques can reduce the amount of scarring. After a mastectomy, the procedure will more likely give you a boost of renewed self-confidence. It would be important to note that the reconstructed breast will not serve as a substitute for your natural breast.

Some important considerations

  • A woman can choose to have breast reconstruction during mastectomy, or she can choose to have the procedure done at a later time.
  • There are some who don’t want to make the decision about having breast reconstruction while undergoing breast cancer treatment. If this is the case, the patient might want to wait until after breast cancer surgery to decide about reconstruction.
  • The breast surgeon might suggest surgery so that the reconstructed breast will match the patient’s natural breast.
  • Healing could be affected by factors like chemotherapy, a previous surgery, or radiation therapy. It can be also affected by diabetes, smoking, or intake of some medications.

Understanding your options before undergoing surgery will definitely help you to have more realistic expectations about the outcomes. If you are considering having reconstructive surgery, it is best to discuss with your breast surgeons in Austin before or while undergoing breast cancer treatment.