Tips for Finding for a Capable Plastic Surgeon

Considering breast reconstruction? In many cases, a Dallas breast reconstruction expert and an experienced plastic surgeon may be recommended as part of your treatment team. It will be strongly advised especially if reconstruction is going to begin at the time of your mastectomy. You may start by searching through medical centers in your area, asking other patients, or by searching online.

Whatever your situation, it is best to do your research and to interview prospective surgeons to ensure that you are comfortable with their communication skills and surgical expertise. Plastic surgeons who offer breast reconstruction vary greatly in terms of their skill level, as well as the range of procedures that they can perform. Some do tissue flaps, others do implants. There are surgeons who can only perform flap procedures that have been around the longest, like the latissimus dorsi and TRAM flaps. More current procedures, like the DIEP flap, require specialized training in microsurgery since it involves reconnecting tiny blood vessels from the flap tissue to the chest area.

Be sure to ask questions about what type of procedure a surgeon does most. If a plastic surgeon downplays one form of approach in favor of another or only talks about certain procedures, he may be limited towards the kind of surgery he knows how to do. Talk to a few surgeons to get a better picture of what your options are. To assess the surgeon’s abilities, you can also ask for testimonials or before and after photos.

Once you get a list of some recommended plastic surgeons, be sure to check for the following and make sure that the surgeon meets these criteria:

  • They are searchable in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This means that they are a certified practitioners. Certification means that they have completed specialized education and training in plastic surgery.
  • They are willing to work with your insurance provider.
  • They are free to meet your chosen time frame.

Once you arrive at a decision, your medical provider should be able to help you with the logistics of your recovery and hospital stay, insurance coverage, and may even help you find a suitable lodging for family members or friends accompanying you.

Questions? Feel free to get in touch with us at Breast Reconstruction Associates, your Dallas breast reconstruction specialists. We offer state-of-the-art breast reconstruction through individualized and compassionate care.