When Can Breast Reconstruction be Performed?

Every breast cancer is unique, and the same goes for every breast reconstruction surgery. Depending on what works for you and your unique situation, the reconstruction procedure can be done at various times. Your breast reconstruction team in Dallas, TX will work closely with other breast specialists to identify the best possible treatment plan for you, including the optimal results for breast reconstruction.

During mastectomy

This is also referred to as immediate reconstruction. Once the breast is removed, the surgeon will reconstruct the breast either with an implant or with tissue from your abdomen (or another location on your body). This will be done in a single operation, and you will wake up with your rebuilt breast. Depending on your situation, the surgeon may recommend doing partial immediate reconstruction and then finishing until your breast cancer treatment is done. It is best to discuss your unique situation and needs with your doctor.

After mastectomy

This is also referred to as delayed reconstruction. Certain treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy may cause the reconstructed breast to change in terms of texture, volume, appearance, and color. Although this can vary on a case-to-case basis, there are some research that suggests that a reconstructed breast may interfere with radiation therapy. In this case, most doctors will advise their patient to wait until after breast cancer treatment before having reconstruction.

As a staged approach

A staged approach is also referred to as delayed-immediate breast reconstruction. It will involve having some reconstructive surgery done during lumpectomy or mastectomy, and more reconstructive surgery after other treatments.

It is important that your team of doctors, including your breast reconstruction specialists in Dallas, TX, discuss your unique situation. Together, you can decide on the treatment plan and approach that is best for you.