Why Choose
Breast Reconstruction Associates?

Our Mission

To create a compassionate and welcoming environment for women with breast cancer, and to optimize surgical outcomes and value to the health system through microsurgical breast reconstruction.

A statement to our patients

Our team seeks to re-introduce natural tissue breast reconstruction, not as a long and high-risk procedure, but rather as a reliable, reproducible surgery, with safe and beautiful results.


  • Microsurgery is a very complex surgery which requires significant technical expertise.
  • As with most things in life, success comes from practice and repetition.
    • 10-20 reconstructions per week.
    • Over 600+ Flap Reconstructions per year.
    • Our flap success rate exceeds 99%+.
    • Our unplanned “takebacks” for flap salvage is 2%.
    • Our rate of blood transfusion is less than 2%.

Length of Surgery

One-sided mastectomy with reconstruction
Two-sided mastectomy with reconstruction
3-4 Hours
4-6 Hours
12 Hours
  • Our surgical efficiency allows us to spend additional time on the small details of the operation to maximize the aesthetic appearance.
    • This allows us to minimize the number of surgeries needed to complete the reconstruction. Often, we can complete an entire beautiful reconstruction in one surgery.

Because Surgical
Outcomes Matter


Our team understands that quick surgical recovery is directly linked to the time spent in surgery.

  • Less anesthesia equals shorter recovery.
  • Quicker recovery equals shorter hospital stays – most patients are discharged after a 2 or 3 night stay.
  • For this reason, we always work as a two-person team to maximize surgical efficiency.
  • We use Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) guidelines, using advanced techniques to minimize narcotic use and optimize post-operative comfort without the side effects of strong medications.

Because Patient Experience Matters

Breast reconstruction is our primary focus, and we are committed to delivering the highest level of personal care with a “boutique” patient experience.

Our doctors

  • Understand that breast reconstruction can be complex and confusing. We help patients understand their specific issues in great detail but in plain English.
  • Are committed to spending ample time with you during all visits. Our team is also available by email or phone between visits.

Our staff

  • Are specially trained in assisting the breast cancer patient
  • Compassionately guide patients through all stages of reconstruction.
  • Schedule most consultations within 1-2 business days of referral.
  • Work closely with our referring breast surgeons to expeditiously schedule surgery.
  • Can provide first-hand experience and reassurance, as several of our staff members have gone through breast reconstruction.

Knowledge &
Experience Matter

Our Surgeons

Are teachers. We have been professors of breast reconstruction, including the DIEP flap – at Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, and Ohio State University.

Are constant learners. We constantly review our outcomes, strive for improvements, and refine our techniques and methods.

Because Teamwork Matters

Our love for collaboration builds a team; and having a cohesive, synchronized team creates the best surgical experience and outcomes for our patients.

Staff and Surgeon team

  • We take a family-like approach within our work environment.
  • Our surgeons are constantly working with our staff to optimize scheduling efficiency and overall patient experience.

Cancer Care team

  • Our reconstructive surgeons are an integrated part of the breast cancer care team.
  • Our surgeons are in constant communication with the breast surgeons, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists, and are major contributors to the overall patient care.

Reconstructive team

  • All of our microsurgical procedures are done as a two-plastic microsurgeon team: this is for efficiency and patient safety
  • Our reconstructive microsurgeons are friends and colleagues in life.
  • Our microsurgeons love working together, and this collaborate spirit shows in every aspect of the patient experience…
    • …from the preop care of a complex patient with a team huddle
    • …to the operating room where we create a fun, healthy atmosphere in which to do the job we love
    • …and in the postop setting, where patients often get to meet the other microsurgeons and see their passion and interest in all the patients within our practice

Our Vision

Helping women move beyond breast cancer.

If you are searching for a top-tier breast reconstruction surgeon, consider Breast Reconstruction Associates. Our skilled and credentialed team includes surgeons based in Austin and Fort Worth, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, and Bozeman, MT, all committed to delivering exceptional patient care.