The Advantages of DIEP Flap

Battling breast cancer and undergoing mastectomy are traumatic events that can affect a person’s self-esteem and strength. As such, it’s vital for women who undergo breast reconstruction to feel comfortable with the result of the procedure. The natural appearance of their breast can help them greatly in the recovery process, both on a physical and emotional level.

DIEP Flap is a breast reconstruction procedure wherein the blood vessels along with the skin and fat from the lower abdomen are removed and then relocated to the chest. Usually, women choose this kind of surgery after undergoing mastectomy for one or both breasts.

Here’s everything you need to know about this procedure before scheduling an appointment for a DIEP Flap in Texas.

The Most Important Advantages of DIEP Flap

  • No Implants

One of the main advantages of DIEP Flap surgery is that the patient doesn’t need any implants in the process of breast reconstruction. After the rebuild, the breast feels natural because it is made from natural body fat. Also, many women who undergo this procedure are happy with their relatively flat abdomen after the surgery.

  • It Doesn’t Remove Muscles from the Abdomen

Another advantage of DIEP Flap is that the doctors don’t remove the muscles from the abdomen. Unlike the TRAM flap breast reconstruction, where surgeons use the abdominal muscles to reconstruct the breast, the risk of a hernia is lower with this procedure. Given that there are some interferences with the muscles, patients may feel weak in the beginning, but these effects subside after just a few weeks.

  • Number of Operations and Timing

The timing of reconstruction is another important factor. Patients can undergo breast surgery during mastectomy or later. The amount of time and the number of interventions may be decreased compared to other techniques, but ultimately the decision is up to the patient. DIEP Flap surgeries are ideal for both immediate and delayed breast reconstruction.

Although there are some well-documented advantages of DIEP Flap breast reconstruction, patients who have poor blood flow or are extremely thin should wait before going for this procedure. Smokers or women with respiratory or circulatory problems should consult clinics like Breast Reconstruction Associates for additional information before taking any action.