How Do They Reconstruct a Breast after a Mastectomy?

Battling cancer is an extremely traumatic experience that can leave the body weak and scarred. Losing your breasts to it can only add to the anguish and severely affect your self-image.

Fortunately, there are ways that can help women start feeling like themselves again after a mastectomy. With the help of a breast surgeon in Fort Worth, women can begin their journey to regain their body.


Types of Breast Reconstruction Procedures

A breast surgeon will advise the patient on the type of procedure they can go for and make recommendations for the intervention that suits them best. Patients can choose between implants made of either silicone or saline.

Flap surgery is another good option. This intervention refers to a breast reconstruction procedure that uses the patient’s tissue, such as the skin, fat, and muscles from the abdomen, back, thighs, or buttocks to recreate the chest.

Only a microsurgeon can perform flap surgery as it requires reconnecting blood vessels. Unlike implants which uses a foreign object, doctors use the person’s own tissue to reconstruct the breast during flap surgery. This type of surgery is highly specialized and not all clinics can perform it.


The Benefits of Reconstructive Breast Surgery

Not only does breast reconstruction have an aesthetic value, it can also significantly improve a woman’s morale and self-esteem, especially after a mastectomy.

Some women view breast reconstruction surgery as a symbolic step to close the cancer chapter and feel whole again.

It is important that each prospective patient know their options and understand what each procedure will entail. Regardless of the type of breast reconstruction surgery a woman chooses, only with the right information and the help of a qualified breast surgeon in Fort Worth can one make a proper, educated decision.